David Winters – Cinematographer


I am not a Steadicam operator, but sometimes I fake it!

In the late '90s I participated in a Steadicam workshop, which lead to operating on short films, music videos, and local commercials. After a few years of experimenting with the craft I took a break.  Operating resumed in 2013.  Summer 2014 I flew Steadicam at the X-Games in Austin, working for ESPN.

Current equipment for general assignments.

• Pro-line, max payload 50 lbs (Alexa, Amira, F65, Red, Varicam capable).
• Wireless video - Paralinx
• Wireless focus - Red Rock Micro single channel wireless, Heden M26VE motor

Experience operating Tiffen Steadicam, GPI Pro, MK-V, Pro-line.